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Taq-FORCE™ Enzymes
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Select the enzyme appropriate for your project:

Taq-FORCE™ Amplification System
  • Primer extension
  • Difficult templates
  • GC-Rich templates
  • Modified dNTP incorporation
  • Solid Phase amplification
Taq-FORCE™ Unmodified
  • When price/performance is most important
  • Primer extension
  • Modified dNTP incorporation
Taq-FORCE™ Red
  • High-throughput applications
  • Enhanced reproducibility
  • Modified dNTP incorporation
Taq-FORCE™ Long
  • Long distance primer extension on large templates (>30kb, lambda; >15kb, genomic)
  • Direct cloning
  • Degenerate primer extension
  • Difficult or "dirty" templates
Taq-FORCE™ Hot
  • Low copy applications
  • High throughput applications
  • Modified dNTP incorporation


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