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MPG™ Streptavidin / MPG™ Avidin
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MPG™ Streptavidin and MPG™ Avidin are magnetic porous glass particles with streptavidin or avidin covalently coupled to the surface allowing for fast, reliable and reproducible magnetic separation of biotinylated biomolecules including antibodies, antigens, proteins, oligonucleotides and other nucleic acids from solution.

Both streptavidin and avidin have a high binding affinity for biotin (Kd=10-15 M). However, avidin, being a glycoprotein, tends to exhibit a greater degree of non-specific binding than seen with streptavidin. The strong binding affinity is complemented by the vast surface area (60 m2/g) of the porous magnetic particles to provide a very high specific binding capacity for biotinylated molecules (>1500 pmol of free biotin per mg of particles). This greater yield of binding ultimately results in more efficient downstream assays that benefit from a higher concentration of immobilized biotinylated ligand. The biotin binding capacity of MPG™ Streptavidin and MPG™ Avidin is retained under a variety of conditions including treatment with solvents such as ethanol and DMSO, and detergents such as Triton X-100 and Tween 20.

Streptavidin- and avidin-bound biotinylated molecules can be used directly in the following applications: isolation of mRNA, proteins and antigens; purification of nucleic acids, RNA and DNA binding proteins; solid-phase nucleic acid sequencing; nucleic acid probe assays; isolation and enrichment of cDNAs; cell sorting; Southern and Northern blotting; RT-PCR; isolation of cellular organelles; immunoprecipitation; single strand DNA labeling; in vitro mutagenesis; S1 nuclease analysis; in vitro translation; dot blot hybridization; library construction; and specific hybridization.

For your convience, MPG™ Streptavidin is also available with biotinylated oligo(dT)25 prebound to the particles for mRNA purification. The complex reduces the amount of preparation time and number of manipulations required while providing the same yields (up to 7µg of messenger per mg of particles).

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Catalog # Description Unit Price
MSTR0502 MPG™ Streptavidin 2 ml (20 mg) $250.00
MSTR0510 MPG™ Streptavidin 10 ml (100 mg) $750.00
MSTR0502C MPG™ Streptavidin Biotinylated Oligo(dT)25 Complex 2 ml (20 mg) $300.00
MAVD0502 MPG™ Avidin 2 ml (60 mg) $175.00
MAVD0510 MPG™ Avidin 10 ml (300 mg) $550.00




Product No. Product Description Unit Price
MBOLG Biotinylated Oligo (dT)25 Probe 8 nmoles $100.00

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