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Biotinylated Primers/Probes
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  • Sequencing primers for CloneSure™ and other common vectors

  • PCR primers for strand-specific biotinylation of cloned DNA

  • Generation of single-strand probes/templates

These versatile oligonucleotides are provided in both biotinylated and non- biotinylated forms for use in solid phase and solution-based applications. These lyophilized primers are complementary to sequences found adjacent to the cloning sites of most commonly used cloning and expression vectors. They can be used in pairs to generate strand-specific biotinylated (or non-biotinylated) DNA containing the cloned sequences of interest. When used in conjunction with our MPGŪ DNA TempPrep™ Kit or our MPGŪ Streptavidin magnetic particles, the strands can be separated to prepare strand-specific solid phases for nucleic acid library panning and related applications, for solid phase sequencing, and for generating strand-specific probes.

Product No. Primer Description Unit (nmoles) Price
P-LZFB P-LZF lac Z Forward 0.75 $150.00 $60.00
(+/- 5' biotin) 5'd(AAAGG GGGAT GTGCT GCAAG GCG)3'
P-LZRB P-LZR lac Z Reverse 0.75 $150.00 $60.00
(+/- 5' biotin) 5'd(GCTTC CGGCT CGTAT GTTGT GTG)3'
P-M13FB P-M13F M13 Forward (-35) 0.75 $150.00 $60.00
(+/- 5' biotin) 5'd(CCCAG TCACG ACGTT GTAAA ACG)3'
P-M13RB P-M13R M13 Reverse (-45) 0.75 $150.00 $60.00
(+/- 5' biotin) 5'd(AGCGG ATAAC AATTT CACAC AGG)3'
P-SK75B P-SK75 SK 0.75 $150.00 $60.00
(+/- 5' biotin) 5'd(CGCTC TAGAA CTAGT GGATC)3'
P-KS75B P-KS75 KS 0.75 $150.00 $60.00
(+/- 5' biotin) 5'd(TCGAG GTCGA CGGTA TC)3'
P-T375B P-T375 T3 0.75 $150.00 $60.00
(+/- 5' biotin) 5'd(TAACC CTCAC TAAAG GGA)3'
P-T775B P-T775 T7 0.75 $150.00 $60.00
(+/- 5' biotin) 5'd(TAATA CGACT CACTA TAGGG)3'
P-SP675B P-SP675 SP6 0.75 $150.00 $60.00
(+/- 5' biotin) 5'd(ATTTA GGTGA CACTA TAG)3'
MBOLG01 Oligo (dT)25 8.0 $100.00


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