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MPG™ mRNA Purification Kit
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  • Isolate pure, intact mRNA from total RNA in less than 15 min
  • Magnetic separations allow purification in a single tube
  • No need for messy oligo(dT) columns
  • Contains enough reagents to isolate up to 30-65µg of mRNA

The MPG mRNA Purification Kit is designed specifically for the isolation of pure, intact mRNA from purified total RNA utilizing magnetic separation technology. The isolation takes 15 minutes or less. The kit contains all the reagents necessary to isolate a typical range of 30-65µg of high quality mRNA in a single round of isolation. Increased yields are obtained from pooling multiple rounds of mRNA isolated from the same sample, using the same particles.

The key component of the kit MPG™ Streptavidin Complex, provides greater surface area than other magnetic particles, resulting in greater oligo (dT) binding and therfore generating greater mRNA capture. The mRNA captured is released in water with purities >1.8 as measured by A260/A280. The purified mRNA is compatible with applications including cDNA library construction; dot blot hybridization; Northern blotting; RNA binding protein isolation; S1 nuclease analysis; in vitro translation; subtractive hybridizations; cloning; sequencing; and RT-PCR.

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Catalog # Description Unit Price
MRRK1010 MPG mRNA Purification Kit 1 Kit $225.00
MRRK1011 MPG mRNA Purification Kit including 3-in-1 MPS™ (Magnetic Particle Separator) 1 Kit $400.00


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