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DNA Purification
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DNA-Pure™ PCR Clean Up Kit:
This kit allows you to go from PCR reaction mixture to purified amplicon in 5 minutes. The spin column-based kit protocol for desalting, and primer/nucleotide removal directly from PCR reactions is simple to follow and enables recovery of > 90% of the amplicon. The PCR amplicon is ultra-pure and ready for use in cycle sequencing, cloning, labeling, etc.

SPIN-Pure™ Columns
SPIN-Pure™ columns are specifically designed for the fast and efficient separation of large molecules from small molecules. These columns are economical, easy to use, fast and non-toxic. SPIN-Pure™ Columns come pre-packaged in a variety of pre-hydrated and dry formats.

Microplate PCR Purification Kits
PureBiotech LLC microplate PCR kits combine the ease and convenience of advanced separation technology chemistry with the speed of multiplexed 96 or 384-well microplate centifugation format. These kits routinely provide >90% yield, >99.9% purity, <0.01% well-to-well contamination and high-throughput.

Dye Terminator Clean-Up Kits
The Dye Terminator Clean-Up Kits are an advanced purification system containing sophisticated separation buffers and either 96- or 394-well purification plates. These easy-to-use Dye Terminator Clean-Up Kits will increase the quality of your DNA sequence data.


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