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  • Multiple Samples at One Time
  • High Yield & Purity
  • No Ethanol Precipitations
  • No Organic Solvents
  • Environmentally Friendly Buffers
  • Mild Vacuum & Centrifugation Requirements
  • Easy Sample Tracking
  • Reduced Plastic Consumption
  • Low Cost

Figure 1: PCR products purified with our kit. Human cDNA inserts were amplified by PCR, purified with our 96-well PCR purification Kit and 10% of each sample (lanes 2-13),together with molecular weight markers (lane 1), were fractionated on 0.8% agarose, stained with ethidium bromide and photographed. Fluorescent image is represented in pseudo color scale.

PureBiotech LLC microplate PCR kits combine the ease and convenience of advanced separation technology chemistry with the speed of multiplexed 96 or 384-well microplate centrifugation format. The kits were designed specifically for the genomics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical research communities. These kits routinely provide >90% yield, >99.9% purity, <0.01% well-to-well contamination and high-throughput (>1,000 purified PCR products per day). The DNA purified with these kits is suitable for direct use in DNA Chips, Gene Arrays, DNA Microarrays, High Density Filters, Ink-Jetting Delivery, Gene Mapping, DNA Sequencing, Deletion Studies and other applications in genomics.

The systems come with easy to follow instructions. The kit utilizes a Binding Buffer, when combined with PCR products allows double-stranded DNA to selectively bind to the Super Filter membrane plate provided. The unique chemical composition of the Binding Buffer provides a pale blue appearance that helps facilitate sample mixing and tracking, and assists in the monitoring of the subsequent wash steps. The Wash Buffer selectively rinses away contaminants such as primers, nucleotides, salts, proteins and other impurities. In the final step, a mild buffer containing 0.1 mM EDTA is used to elute the bound PCR product, yielding a highly purified DNA preparation.

Product No. Description Plates Price
PCR-25-01 Starter Kit 1 $78.00
Product No. Description Plates Price
PCR-384-01 Starter Kit 1 $105.00


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