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SPIN-Pure™ Columns
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  • Rapid, efficient and easy-to-use
  • No sample dilution
  • Sample sizes ranging from 20-50 ΅l
  • Non-toxic
  • Pre-packaged in a variety of pre-hydrated and dry formats
  • Excellent for desalting oligonucleotide

SPIN-Pure™ Columns are specifically designed for the fast and efficient separation of large molecules from small molecules. These columns are economical, easy to use, fast and non-toxic. SPIN-Pure™ Columns provide a superior alternative to common techniques such as phenol/chloroform extraction, ethanol precipitation, dialysis and ultrafiltration.

Processing of samples is quick and easy. The SPIN-Pure™ Columns are briefly spun to remove the interstitial fluid. The sample is then added and centrifuged through the column. SPIN-Pure™ Columns remove contaminant molecules based on size exclusion chromatography. Molecules larger than the matrix pore size are excluded from the matrix and pass directly into the collection tube. Smaller molecules are retained within the column matrix. Greater than 98% of the contaminants are retained in the resin. After processing, your sample is free of contaminants and is recovered undiluted. Adsorption, washing, or special elution steps are not required and the fast 5 minute procedure gives you up to 90% sample recovery.

SPIN-Pure™ Columns are microcentrifuge compatible and can process sample volumes of 20 ΅l to 50 ΅l. The columns are supplied ready-to-use, pre-packed and pre-hydrated to save you time. They are packed with Sephadex™ G-25 or Sephadex™ G-50 size exclusion media and hydrated in your choice of DEPC-water for safe RNA purifications or with TE Buffer. SPIN-Pure™ Columns are also available packed with dry Sephadex™ G-25 or G-50 and can be hydrated with reagent-grade water or any suitable buffer prior to use. Each unit comes complete with wash and sample collection tubes.

  Column Specifications
G-25 G-50
Recovery of DNA Fragment: >10 bases >20 bases

The SPIN-Pure™ G-25 Columns will provide excellent recovery of DNA fragments >10 bases. SPIN-Pure™ G-25 Columns have been designed specifically for the following uses:

  • Desalting

  • Buffer Exchange

  • Removal of low molecular weight precursors and contaminants

Table 1. Experimental Results G-25:
Size of DNA % Recovery
NTP <8
11-mer 64
15-mer 71
20-mer 71
24-mer 67

SPIN-Pure™ G-50 Columns provide excellent recovery of DNA fragments >20 bases. SPIN-Pure™ G-50 Columns have been designed specifically for the following uses:

  • Removal of unincorporated precursors in random-priming, nick-translation and end labeling reactions

  • Removal of dye deoxyterminators in manual or automated sequencing reactions

  • Purification of protein conjugates in iodination, cross-linking, biotin and fluorescence labeling, and haptenation

  • Desalting/purification/buffer exchange of proteins prior to electrophoresis

Table 2. Experimental Results G-50:
Size of DNA % Recovery
NTP <0.01
11-mer <2
15-mer 39
20-mer 72
24-mer 72
28-mer 81
Spin-Pure™ Columns provide fast and simple non quantitative recovery when used to purify proteins. Table 3 gives the observed recoveries for various sized proteins using 25 ΅l of solutions at concentrations of 2.5-3.0 mg/ml. Spin-Pure™ Columns are recommended for proteins >42 kd. For all proteins, removal of buffer salts is >99%. An extra 10% protein recovery can be obtained by loading an additional 25 ΅l of water and re-centrifuging, but this will reduce the removal of salts to ~98%.

Table 3: Recovery (%) of Protein from Spin-Pure™ Columns.
Protein MW (kDa) % Recovery
G-25 G-50
IgG 150 - 55-87
BSA 66 62-70 14-29
Protein A 42 13-27 13-18

Product No. Format Column Packing Quantity Price
SCD50-50 Dry Sephadex™ G-50 50 $138.00
SCT50-50 TE Buffer Sephadex™ G-50 50 $138.00
SCW50-50 DEPC-water Sephadex™ G-50 50 $155.00
SCD25-50 Dry Sephadex™ G-25 50 $138.00
SCT25-50 TE Buffer Sephadex™ G-25 50 $138.00
SCW25-50 DEPC-water Sephadex™ G-25 50 $155.00
  Packs Include:
  • 50 pre-packed spin columns

  • 50- 2.0 ml wash tubes

  • 50- 1.5 ml sample collection tubes



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