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DNA-Pure™ Genomic Kits
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  • Supports all gel and capillary electrophoresis sequencing platforms
  • Industrial sequencing capacity (20 megabases per Maxi Kit)
  • Reduces cost
  • Longer reads, 10-20% more sequence data per run
  • High-throughput (10,000 samples per day manually)
  • Compatible with all 96- and 384-well thermal cycles
  • Superior chemistry provides 99+% purity
  • Dye removal produces clean sequence data
  • Minimizes wear and clogging of costly glass capillaries
  • High yield produces stronger sequencing signals
  • No alcohol precipitations required
  • Arrives ready to use, no buffer or column preparation required

Stop throwing away valuable sequence data! Advanced separation chemistry and membrane binding provide kits for rapid and affordable purification of dye terminator sequencing products. The 96- and 384-well kits routinely provide sequence data that outperform dye terminator products purified by alcohol precipitation methods, at a fraction of the cost of single column products. The Dye Terminator Clean-Up Kits are an advanced purification system containing sophisticated separation buffers and either 96- or 384-well purification plates. These easy-to-use Dye Terminator Clean-Up Kits will increase the quality of your DNA sequence data by removing unwanted salts, enzymes, primers, unincorporated dyes and nucleotides, and other contaminants that diminish the quality of DNA sequence reads.

Product No. Description Plates Price
DTC-96-01 Starter Kit 1 $81.00
Product No. Description Plates Price
DTC-384-01 Starter Kit 1 $111.00


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