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Covalent Attachment
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Solid Phase Oligo COUPLE-IT™ Kit:
Convenient coupling of primary amine-labeled oligonucleotides and other primary amine-labeled nucleic acids to a magnetic solid support (Magnetic Porous Glass - MPG). The result is a reusable oligo-coupled magnetic solid support which can be stored for future use.

MPG™ Uncoated:
The most versatile MPG product. The surface of MPG can easily be modified to introduce almost any functional group with appropriate silanes. It can be used without further modification for nucleic acid purification or coated with a specific ligand for further specific affinity purification.

MPG™ Glyceryl:
Provides two adjacent hydroxyl groups for the covalent attachment of biomolecules containing primary and/or secondary amines. Used for coupling antigens or antibodies for specific antibody or antigen capture when low non-specific binding is desirable.

MPG™ Long Chain Alkylamine:
MPG LCA is derivatized to provide amino groups which offer greater flexibility for binding a wide variety of ligands.

MPG™ Hydrazide:
Used to covalently couple antibodies, RNA, glycoproteins and carbohydrates when site-specific orientation is desired. Linkage to the particle surface is accomplished in two steps; 1) carbohydrate moieties on the ligand are oxidized to form aldehyde groups 2) the newly formed aldehyde groups are then covalently bound to the surface of the MPG Hydrazide particles by forming stable hydrazone bonds.


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