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RNase - OFF™
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       Keep your glassware, apparatus and lab surfaces free of RNase.     


  • Twice the volume, half the price and at least 4 fold more effective than competitive products
  • Non-carcinogenic


  • Stable, heat resistant
  • Inactivates >80 µg RNase A
  • Non- alkaline




RNase-OFF™ is a non-alkaline cleansing solution that is highly active against RNase contamination. The solution contains a surfactant plus an agent that inactivates RNase. RNase-OFF™ has been demonstrated to eliminate >80 µg of RNase A dried onto the bottom of a microcentrifuge tube. This is at least four fold more effective than the leading brand. RNase-OFF™ decontamination solution is stable and heat resistant, unlike many alternative products which are not stable and quickly loose their RNase decontamination activity. In addition, RNase-OFF™ does not contain carcinogenic compounds.


Effectiveness of RNase-OFFTM at removing RNase A.  10 and 80 µg of RNase A were dried onto the bottom of micro-centrifuge tubes. The tubes were treated by adding 1.0ml of RNase decontamination products, vortexing briefly, and rinsing twice with 1.0 ml nuclease free water . Five µg of total RNA (mouse liver) was then added to each tube and incubated for 1 hour at 37°C. The RNA was resolved on a 1.2% agarose gel (1X TAE) and visualized by EtBr staining. Intact rRNA bands (28S and 18S) indicate the absence of RNase contamination.

Catalog # Description Unit Price
R0251 RNase-OFF™ Spray Bottle 250 ml $25.00
R0252 RNase-OFF™ Spray Bottle and Refill 250 ml and 500 ml Bundle $49.95
R0500 RNase-OFF™ Refill Size 500 ml $32.95


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