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TRANSFER-IT™ Plus Membrane
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  • High sensitivity for superior DNA and RNA detection
  • Low background for enhanced resolution
  • Outstanding physical properties for multiple hybridizations
  • Low background even after stripping & reprobing
  • Hydrophilic for rapid wetting
  • Superior resistance to solvents
The TRANSFER-IT™ Plus Membrane is for molecular biology applications including both isotopic and non-isotopic hybridization assays. It is a modified porous nylon membrane with 0.45 µm pores. The pores are evenly distributed across the membrane to ensure even binding of nucleic acid to the quaternary ammonium groups that densely populate the pores. The use of quaternary ammonium groups allows for maintenance of a positively charged surface over a broad pH range. This positively charged nylon membrane offers high tensil and physical strength for easy manipulation. TRANSFER-IT™ Plus is intrinsically hydrophilic allowing for rapid wetting, eliminating the need for wetting agents or additives. The membrane is compatible with a wide range of buffers and solvents allowing for protocol diversity.

The TRANSFER-IT™ Plus Membrane is well suited for Southern blots, Northern blots, dot blot assays, and DNA and RNA detection because it offers high sensitivity and low background. The surface characteristics allow for rapid nucleic acid binding, thus eliminating the risk of nucleic acid diffusion across the membrane surface. The even distribution of pores not only ensures even binding of biological macromolecules across the membrane's surface, but also leads to well defined, consistent spot geometries for dot blots and transfers.

This molecular biology grade membrane is manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure reproducibility for solid phase membrane assays. The TRANSFER-IT™ Plus Membrane performs better than nitrocellulose and many other nylon membranes in transfer protocols. An application and protocol manual, with optimized procedures, is included with each roll of membrane.

Applications & Protocols:

  • DNA transfer for Southern and dot blots
  • RNA transfers for Northern blots
  • Protocols for prehybridization, hybridization and visualization & probe stripping complete with trouble shooting section
Catalog # Description Unit Price
TIP0303 TRANSFER-IT™ Plus Membrane 1 Roll $ 225.00


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