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  • Purity > 95% by HPLC

  • <2% deoxynucleotide mono and diphosphate content

Product No. Product Description Unit Price
DNTP10 DNTPs Pre-Mixed 10mM (1.0µmole each) 400µl $30.00
DNTP50 DNTPs Pre-Mixed 100mM (12.5µmole each) 500µl $105.00
  These pre-mixed dNTPs are ready-to-use molecular-grade. The mix contains four dNTPs - dA, dC, dG, dT. The mixes are designed to save hands -on time for researchers and reduce the possibility of contamination due to handling. Each batch is functionally tested in amplification reactions.
DNTP4-25 DNTP Set - 100mM Solutions 4 x 25 µmole $165.00
  These ready-to-use molecular-grade solutions are supplied as an individually dispensed set of dA, dC, dG, and dT for use in DNA polymerization reactions, DNA-labeling and sequencing processes.


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